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Thorpes eight minutes. “A few years back, when I began working here, we had the world’s second longest standing restaurant restaurant, the Michelin-starred El Faro. I had served at El Faro for five years. This is where we get the best food in town. This is where I will retire for the first time.”

He added, “There are a number of fine Italian restaurants in Los Angeles, but for me, El Faro has never been my favorite, in part because it wasn’t well regarded until a few years ago. So I was pretty surprised when we opened. It wasn’t a popular decision until last week. I hope everyone who has예스 카지노 gone to El Faro understands the reason behind it.”

After his retirement, he will serve as honorary honorary chef and manager for the restaurant for which he had been dining for three decades.

On top of their regular daily menu, all 코인 카지노El Faro meals have always featured meat, seafood, entrees, desserts and wine. Their wine lists are extensive, and each week, El Faro will receive a list of selections as well as a curated list of wines they will be serving. They will be offering five wines a month at this point, starting in May 2013. This is El Faro’s first time serving wine in the Los Angeles area, and it shows the depth and love that this family-owned restaurant has for the wine world. “El Faro is definitely our second or third place in the wine world. I’m sure a few years from now we’ll have to start the list from the top,” said Fajardo. “The wine list will be something I will look back upon for a long time.”

Fajardo’s father, Roberto, worked for decades in the United States to make wines and was a winemaker. He is still proud of El Faro, which he has worked in all his life.

“El Faro’s the reason that I want to leave these businesses,” he said. “We’ve been working here for years and we have made one of the top five highest rated restaurants on the West Coast. We’re not just a restaurant on the west coast; we’re a family-owned establishment. I look forward to returning to work at El Faro.”

In a world where celebrity chef Michelin and ce카지노사이트lebrity chefs and writers have begun to dominate popular culture and social media, Fajardo has spent his career making authentic Italian food. Fajardo worked extensively at a restaurant in Ne